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Math Acronyms & Abbreviations (CRATED BY M.D. KHOSROTASH)  
Side S
Sin S
Sum S
Supercardiod S
Short Arc SA
Souslin's Axiom SA
Solo Axis SA
Sheet of Assertion SA
Symbolic and Algebraic Computation SAC
Statistical Analysis of Computer Code Outputs SACCO
Sum of Absolute Differences SAD
Simple Aggregation Format SAF
Simplified Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian SALE
Semi Analytic Liu Theory SALT
Statistical Algorithmic Method for Bicluster Analysis SAMBA
Simultaneous Algebric Programs SAP
Side Angle Side SAS
Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT
Similarity-Based Reasoning SBR
Self Consistent SC
Spatial Cumulative Distribution Function SCDF
Singular Cardinals Hypothesis SCH
Single Crossing Over SCO
Simultaneous Confidence Regions SCR
Squared Coefficient of Variation SCV
Schwarz Critical Value SCV
Standard Deviation SD
Strength Divisor SD
Scale Dependent SD
Sentential Derivation SD
Semi-Definite Programming SDP
Scalar Enhanced SE
Sides And Ends SE
Single Ended SE
Structured Expression SE
Symmetry Equivalent SE
Simplicial Exact SE
The Successor Of E SE
Secant SEC
Hyperbolic Secant SECH
Standard Error Of Estimate SEE
Stochastic Estimator Learning Algorithm SELA
Standard Error of Mean SEM
Strong Error Percentage SEP
Spherical Error Probability SEP
Solve Estimate Refine Coarsen SERC
Scaling Factor SF
Stackelberg Follower SF
Simple Function SF
Strategy Free Criterion SFC
Start-Time Fair Queuing SFQ
Spherical Gaussian Function SGF
The Subspace Of H SH
Systeme International SI
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIAM
Simple Integration Method SIM
Hyperbolic Sine SINH
Symmetric Independent Private-Values Paradigm SIPVP
Small Inducible Secreted SIS
Segmented K Means SKM
Special Linear SL
Single Line Diagram SLD
Smashed Lost Or Pulverized Eventually SLOPE
Scaling Limits Off-set Transfer function SLOT
Standard Logic Vector SLV
Superultramodern Mathematics SM
Smoothed Moving Average SMA
Simple Moving Average SMA
Small Minus Big SMB
Single Machine Based Bound SMBB
Symmetric Monoidal Category SMC
Symbolic Model Verifier SMV
SubModular Welfare SMW
Standard Normal Deviation SND
Self Normalized Linear Test SNLT
Structured Non-linear Total least Norm SNTLN
Stack Of Extents SOE
Save Our Forest Association SOFA
Sine equals Opposite over Hypotenuse SOH
Sine Opposite Hypotenuse Cosine Adjacent Hypotenuse Tangent Opposite Adjacent SOHCAHTOA
Sum Of Ratios SOR
Strong Outlier Rejection SOR
Second Order Tensor SOT
Sum Of The Parts SOTP
Simple PayBack SPB
Symmetric Positive Definite SPD
Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices SPD
Symmetric Positive Definite matrix SPD
Stochastic Partial Differential Equation SPDE
Sampling Point Data Entry SPDE
Shortest Path First SPF
Spherical SPH
Semantics, Proof, and Implementation SPI
S Polynomial Information SPI
Steep Power Law SPL
Statistical Parametric Mapping SPM
Simplest Possible Number SPN
Strict Positive Realness SPR
Sequential Probability Ratio Test SPRT
Successive Quadratic Programming SQP
Steiner Quadruple System SQS
Signed Root Deviance SRD
The Square Root Of G SRG
Square Root Of Summation Of Squares SRSS
Square Root (usually seen as SQRT) SRT
Sum of Squares SS
Specific Symbol SS
Solid Sided SS
Sums of Squares and Cross Products SSCP
Schwartz Sequential Dropping SSD
Spatial Standard Deviation SSD
Sum of Squares Distances SSD
Sum of Squares for Error SSE
Split Step Fourier SSF
State Space Form SSF
Simple Sequence Length Polymorphism SSLP
Soft System Methodology SSM
Scalar Sample Posterior SSP
Sums of SQuares SSQ
Side Side Side SSS
Sum Of Squares Total SST
Sum Of Squares For Treatment SST
Statistical Static Timing Analysis SSTA
Semantic State Transition Graph SSTG
Sums of Squares for variable X SSX
Sums of Squares for variable Y SSY
Subtraction Term ST
Stochastic Taylor Expansion STE
Symmetric Trace Free STF
Simply-Typed Lambda-Calculus STLC
Structured Total Least Norm STLN
Simple Tree Manipulation STM
Sum of Units SU
SUPremum SUP
Single Vacancy Complement Problem SVCP
Standard Variance Decrease SVD
State Variable Filter SVF
Seven SVN
Stochastic Variable Selection SVS
Swendsen-Wang SW
Square Well SW
Sin (X) SX
Cross Correlation between X and Y SXY
Supersymmetric Zeros SZ
Single Zero Failure SZF
Statistical Zero Knowledge SZK
area SiZe in X dimension SZX
area SiZe in Y dimension SZY
area SiZe in Z dimension SZZ