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Math Acronyms & Abbreviations (CRATED BY M.D. KHOSROTASH)  
Factorial !
Second derivative "
Number #
Per Cent %
Half Open Set on the Left ( ]
Open Set ()
Multiplication *
Subtraction -
Division /
One-to-One correspondence 121
Two Dimensional 2D
Second Normal Form 2NF
Three Dimensional 3-D
Three Degrees of Freedom 3-DOF
Three Dimensional 3D
Three Degrees Of Freedom 3DOF
Third Normal Form 3NF
Fourth Normal Form 4NF
Fifth Normal Form 5NF
Six Degrees Of Freedom 6-DOF
Six Degrees Of Freedom 6DOF
Such That :
Less Than <
Equals =
Half Open Set on the Right [ )
Closed Set [ ]
Exponent ^
Set Definitions { }
Parallel ||
Approximate ~
Similar ~
Greater Than >
Against A
Argument Analysis AA
Adaptive Algorithm AA
Angle Angle AA
Almost All AA
Angle Angle Angle AAA
Association Of African American Mathematicians AAAM
Axis Aligned Bound Box AABB
Area Above the Curve AAC
As A General Rule AAGR
Arbitrary Angle Reduction AAR
Asymptotically Almost Surely AAS
Auto Available Split AAS
Abbreviated Area Under the Curve AAUC
Antecedent, Behavior, Consequences ABC
Asymmetry Border Colour And Differentiated ABCD
All But a Finite ABF
Absolute ABS
Axiom of Choice AC
Arc Consistency AC
Assumption Context AC
'A' Complement AC
Added Constraint AC
Arithmetic Comprehension Axiom ACA
Adaptive Conjoint Analysis ACA
Ascending Chain Condition ACC
Adaptive Combinations of Classifiers ACC
Ambient Computational Environment ACE
Analyzing Combination Effects ACE
Advanced Coset Enumerator ACE
Alternating Conditional Expectation ACE
Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction ACELP
Axiomatic Combinatorial Hamiltonian Recursive ACHR
Absolutely Continuous Invariant Probability ACIP
Alternative Calculation Method ACM
Auxiliary Constraint Set ACS
Average Difference AD
Algebraic Differential Equation ADE
Augmented Dickey-Fuller ADF
Amplitude-Dependent Function ADF
Adaptive Discrete Fourier Transform ADFT
Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test ADFT
Advanced Distance Integration ADI
Asymmetrical Double Rectangle ADR
Almost Difference Sets ADS
Array Elements AE
Almost Everywhere AE
Average Error Rate AER
Automatic Efficient Test Generator AETG
Advanced Finite Element Methods AFEM
Arbitrary Function Generator AFG
Abstract Family of Power AFP
Aggregate AGG
Arithmetic Geometric Mean AGM
Algebra Geometry And Statistics AGS
Anomalous Gauge Theory AGT
Automated Geometry Theorem Proving AGTP
Arithmetical Hierarchy AH
Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP
Algebraically Independent AI
All Inclusive AI
Akaike Information Criterion AIC
American Invitational Mathematics Examination AIME
Algorithmic Information Theory AIT
As Large As ALA
Aspiration Leadership Innovation Vision And Excellence ALIVE
Average Match Count AMC
A Mathematical Programming Language AMPL
Average Moving Range AMR
American Mathematical Society AMS
Analysis Of Covariance ANCOVA
logical AND (Boolean) AND
Abstract Normal Form ANF
Analysis Of Variance ANOVA
Absolute Neighborhood Retract ANR
AIMMS Outer Approximation algorithm AOA
Approximate Original Contour AOC
Application of Derivatives aod
Additional Problem AP
Arbitrary Precision Mathematics APM
Algebraic Path Problem APP
Almost Polynomial Time APT
Adaptive Prediction Tree APT
Accuracy Quotient AQ
Advanced Queuing AQ
Auto Regressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity ARCH
Additional Rule Evaluation Measures AREM
Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average ARIMA
Algebraic Reconstruction Technique ART
Assessment Resource Tools to Improve Statistical Thinking ARTIST
Angle Side Angle ASA
Average Square Difference Function ASDF
Asymptotic Standard Error ASE
Algebraic Specification Formalism ASF
Algebraic Specification Formal ASF
Arc Sine ASIN
Algebraic Specification Language ASL
Analytical Solution Of Groups ASOG
Among Sites Rate Variation ASRV
Angle Side Side ASS
Accurate Sample Taking AST
Average Size of Test Measurements ASTM
Affine Transform AT
Adaptive Time Frequency Transform ATFT
Almost Totally Real ATR
Affine Term Structure Model ATSM
Area Under the Curve AUC
Area Under the Growth Curve AUGC
Atomic Value Operator AVO
Attribute Value Squares AVS
Anything Which Rounds To The AWRT